Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Non Silver

I finally have some scans of the work I did in my non silver process class this past semester. This group of work feature examples of multiple alternative print processes such as; cyanotype, van dyke and salt. By alternative process, I mean that it is an alternate to the traditional silver gelatin print which is standard for black and white darkroom printing. Using specific chemical recipes, we mixed our chemistry and applied it to gelatin coated, cold press water color paper, on which we then placed 4x5" or medium format, black and white negatives. Once we had secured the negatives on the chemical emulsion, we inserted them in a UV light box for exposure (if weather permits, you can also you the sun for exposure and it is twice as fast). Once you have your exposure, the time depends on the process, there are new sets of chemistry which you immerse you exposed paper in. Essentially you are making complicated, but attractive contact prints. This class was extremely tedious, but gratifying when the results were good.