Friday, November 14, 2008

I don't get it

The pictures on the last post are being posted funny so you can't see the entire image. Just click on them and it will take you to my flickr.


In the works...

I have yet to really understand this whole large format, view camera aesthetic. The mechanics are so finicky and I have immense difficulty with the framing. The fact that the 4x5" negative is an inch short of being a square, totally throws me off and I get claustrophobic looking at my pictures! I work well with squares, the box makes me feel even and safe, if that makes any sense..But I honestly prefer the 35mm shape, the width of the frame allows the freedom to place things in the composition that I see as being more drastic or dramatic. ANYHOW, these are my most recent attempts with this camera. My models, Carianne and Katrina were perfect, as usual. I constructed the shoots primarily around the form and this tool skirt I had. The oven shots with Katrina are my particular favorites from that day. The lighting was perfect and her mood appeared effortless. I will probably shoot a few of these again and work out the issues I had with the camera and lighting, but for now...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A few photographs from the evening of Halloween...I suppose these are prior to any of the real festivities, but who can remember those anyway.