Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is review

Many of you might be familiar with the psychodelicacies blog, which I still have on the vox interface, but I have decided to solely make that about my vehement rants. I still plan on having a line of photographs in which I use the psychodelicacies title, but for now, I would like to make this place about my photographs and the content and intent that they provide.

For those who do not know my work, or who do and would like better insight as to what I am trying to convey or do, here is my description; I like to do my own thing, which has a whole set of connotations in itself. I have chosen to pursue, which does not mean I am concreted in this one field, a career in the field of fashion mainly focused in photography. I have dabbled in the stylist industry, and would love to keep my foot in the door, particularly in terms of photographing it.

A few photographs that I feel describe me as an artist and photographer, are the ones in which I have included here. Thank you much!

-Elaina Jean


henmen said...

interesting angles.

Omid said...

so good , lady's in red!