Monday, October 20, 2008


Recently I can't seem to figure out what it is that I am trying to accomplish with my work in terms of it's artistic content. I haven't had much time to do "fun" projects with my photography since the majority of my work this year is primarily technical. I've been learning how to use a large format, view camera so a few of these images are from my attempts with that. The collage is something that I composed of images found in magazines as well ones of mine, which I then used in a fan book about legs and lace for my narrative forms/bookmaking class. The rest are a combination of things...The "pregnant" ladies, are a couple of images from a series that Carianne, Katrina and I were working on last Spring, but I just recently found and developed the film.


Carianne Blain said...

update like this every time you shoot!

though u think ur not "being an artist" you can totally see ur artistic eye when you show all you work as well as ur progression as u learn how to use the medium in different ways.

not all ur images will be your favorite but these show exploration and a sense of maturity and elegance.

Elaina Jean said...


Charlotte said...

I love the lighting in the profile photo.