Friday, February 27, 2009


The last time that I attempted to shoot I was unfortunately put at a great disadvantage. When I checked out my strobe kit I assumed that it would have been checked and I would be assured that the proper equipment would be inside, I was wrong. I brought all this damn equipment home and up my 4 flights of stairs, which is not easy when you have a bunch of torn ligaments and cartilage in your wrist....I had everything set up and my friend who I hardly see had come to model for me, except the sinc cord was missing... This meant that everything I had checked out in terms of lighting would be of absolutely no use to me. I shot anyway, and am hoping there are a couple shots that I can manipulate in post.
I am shooting today in the studio and am praying that everything goes well. I even did little painted sketches for the basic premise of my shoot. Wish me luck!

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